Open carry swords come to Texas on Sept 1


Yeah, but they’re all a bunch of stiffs.

In states that give out conceal carry permits like candy, it’s not that surprising. Also, the fact that it’s one of the mechanisms used to keep black/non-white people from carrying guns…

Toy guns are more heavily controlled than real ones in a number of states…


I am. And yes, for the obvious reasons. But also for the less obvious reason of people thinking that they can carry around an unsheathed weapon. It’s unsafe from an accidental-slicing standpoint and I don’t see that addressed anywhere in the law. So, you’re in a store and turn abruptly and slice someone’s dog across the neck? Or worse?

And of course unsafe for the temper-boiling-over, oh-wait-I-have-this-handy-SWORD-here reason, as well.


They don’t, typically. In rural areas some wear a pistol on their hips for snakes and varmints. Actual working ranchers often have something on them.

I don’t know if that has ever actually happened other than people attacking cops. But they are generally attacking cops because they are cops, not for their gun. But yes, it tactically shows your hand and makes you a target.

Personally, I have mixed opinions. I get the point of both rights and the fact that your fear of a person with a gun or a sword or what ever is based on the fact that every movie and TV program shows people using them for crime, vs the overwhelming vast majority hurting no one with their weapons.

At the same time too many people doing that are also abrasive assholes about it, and it turns people off.

I like to make the point that I have a shirt that says, “Fuck you, you fucking fuck”, and while it is my right of free speech to wear it, the appropriate places to wear it are severely limited and I would expect some squinty eyes.

But at the same time, you hear people calling cops on kids with Katana handled umbrellas and people in full STORMTROOPER costumes.


Prediction: Texas police will still routinely get away with shooting black people for the mere suspicion that they were carrying bladed weapons.


They must’ve enacted a law forbidding open carry at some point over the last 30-odd years, because open carry was not unheard of when we lived there in 80-82. Gotta have those 6-shooters to complete your cowboy cosplay outfit, ya know.


This is the first thing that comes to mind:

You’d think opposition for such a bill could thus be easily found merely by claiming, “This is just a slippery slope that will lead to the adoption of Sharia law!”

(Subsequent conversation: “Hey, that guy was Sikh, not Muslim.” “Oh yeah? Well, why do you hate America?”)


Sorry, already taken - barbies are the Australian’s gig.


Anecdotally, my Asian and black friend had to wait the full month for the license to be approved, and they didn’t get a call, they called them. I did get a call and it took 3 weeks. Hopefully it was because I put in a couple months after they did and the work load was less, but I dunno. Still, if it is a shall issue state, unless there is a felony conviction, mental illness that required committal, or domestic violence, they should get the license. Of course, that doesn’t mean they won’t still be targeted even if they are legally carrying. Some states have constitutional carry now.

IIRC technically it was outlawed since 1870 something and was part of the Jim Crow laws. I don’t know what you saw. Was it like at a parade or something? Old west re-enactors? I am sure there were some exceptions for something like that where it wasn’t enforced. I think you could carry on your own land too.


I guess Texas has become so saturated with firearms that the gun shops now want to diversify into sharp pointy things. I suppose the only advantage is that it’s harder to commit suicide with a rapier than it is with a revolver.

Or is the thinking that a lot of college kids are into LARP but against guns, so hey, maybe they want to spend money on swords?

Most likely it’s just some state senator, let’s call him Jimmy, calling in a favor from his colleagues so that he doesn’t get hassled for wearing a real sword with his Confederate reenactment kit.


This still doesn’t address the issue of concealed-carry longswords.


That reminds me of an old interview with Adrian Paul who played The Highlander on TV.

It went something like, “Where does Duncan hide his sword when it doesn’t look like he has it on him?”

“Huh - huh, up his butt.” (Butthead impersonation)

In the great ninja movie The Hunted (with Christopher Lambert!) They carried them in architect blue print tubes.


No, just around Ft. Worth. One time is was an old dude in a suit and cowboy accouterments. Just like cowboy cosplay: boots, spurs, hat, bolo and a piston on each hip. That time was near Billy Bob’s, but no in Billy Bobs. Dunno, it’s Texas, it strikes me as unlikely any ban on open carry has every been enforced with any seriousness against white guys.




Makes me wonder if he was a Texas Ranger. Those guys dress the part some times. But they don’t usually have two pistols…



An issue i see with open carry is that it makes it much harder to tell at a glance if someone is up to something. Someone could catch a glimpse of a gun and now they’ll have to try to ignore it thinking maybe they can open carry. I’m sure the exact same argument can be made in regards to concealed carry, but when someone can legally open carry a rifle i start to wonder what the point of it all is.


Do Texas Rangers borrow suits from Colonel Sanders?! This guy I recall was wearing a white suit.


Was it Col Sanders? Do you know his whereabouts at that time?

And they can be “plain clothed” and wear what ever. Suits and cowboy hats. Haven’t you seen the documentary Walker, Texas Ranger?

But yeah, your description makes me think maybe not… wait a sec, white suit? Was it this guy?


Well, they can’t spend ALL their time making sure women can’t get abortions and that kids learn that slavery wasn’t so bad, now, can they? /s


I’m sensing a job opportunity for you, Shuck! :wink: