Police cite AK47 toting Banana

I read six different articles on the event, 2 of them from really left leaning sites (one calling it his “penis extension”). Pretty sure if it were loaded it would have been mentioned and explicitly pointed out. But I find it unlikely that it was loaded as it was being used as a prop more than anything. The owner is an attention whore, but not a total idiot.


> The 18-year-old man had a drum magazine with a 50-round capacity attached to the rifle, police told 12 Now News.

Best part of the story: “…had a drum magazine” and not a banana clip usually associated with the AK47 rifle. Yet was dressed as a banana. Got to be some sort of meta joke there.


I think it is incredible that 50 round drums are apparently legal to sell to civilians. That ain’t for hunting purposes, at least I hope to God it isn’t.

A lot of people target shoot, too.

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What kind of target shooting requires (or is even enhanced by) a 50 round drum?

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Now I’m glad I took that course on how to defend myself against fresh fruit.


Ironically standard magazines are faster to change out than those scary, scary drum magazines. They’re also heavy as hell, and an awkward shape that makes them a pain in the ass to use.

If someone has to explain it to you, you’ll never get it.


Precision shooting wouldn’t be improved by having a large magazine, but if you’re just plinking or shooting cans, the size of your magazine can make it more fun or less fun.

For example, if you have a single shot rifle, or a very small magazine, you’re going to be stopping pretty often to reload, which takes time. Besides which, if you only have a couple of magazines, then after you empty them, you’re going to have to reload them, which takes even longer.

Honestly, I’ve never fired a rifle with a detachable magazine, but my dad’s .22 with a ~15-round internal magazine is a lot more fun than my cousin’s, which has a 5-round magazine.

Why do people think gun ownership is about hunting or target shooting?

Talk to a Texan and you will find one of the big reasons to own a gun is to put down anyone trying to take something from you, aka the state.

Another reason to own a gun with a 50 round drum is because coyote are small, quick, and agile.

Are you looking at ME?

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Because most of us who own guns use them for target shooting or hunting primarily. Oh, and there’s the “tactical sports” shooters, the cowboy action shooters, and on and on. Please try not to paint everyone with the broad brush of “gun owners are all anti-gubmint paranoid militia members”. That’s a bit of an intellectually dishonest argument.

Please cite sources if you’re going to make this kind assertion.

(and yes, most responsible gun owners probably agree with me that this banana guy is a bit of an a-hole that isn’t doing anything good for the public image of gun owners/gun ownership)

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It’s fun. Why do people buy motorcycles or sports cars?

But what about pointed sticks?

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Well then, who the hell else am I looking—I’m looking at you. You’re the only one here.

To get them from here to there in style and faster?

Exactly. Get the bullets from here to there in style and faster.


To pollute the air and hasten climate change, of course. Need I explain everything to you?

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“Possibly” loaded magazine.

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