Man makes explosives from things purchased in post-security airport stores


Okay, the fraggucchino is somewhat of a novelty.
Apart from that, not exactly a surprise.
And if you’re not that much into assembling tricky stuff: buy a couple of bottles of booze or wine, smash them - voilá perfect weapon for hand-to-hand in confined spaces.


I’m not sure there are enough air quotes in the world for this, but here goes:

“Frag Grenade”


You can clearly see the thermos was torn open, and little bits of burning lithium were flying around. Certainly enough to cause injury and panic, even if it doesn’t actually kill anyone.

Seems like it fits the strictest definition of a frag grenade to me, going beyond that is just nitpicking lethality.


Every person who watches this video will be place under intense surveillance to see if they become terrorists.

Every person who doesn’t watch this video will ALSO be placed under intense surveillance, under the assumption that anyone who doesn’t watch it must have already been trained.

@all the comments regarding the effectiveness of this “weapon”, terrorists don’t have to hurt or kill anyone, just terrorize them. Or trick their government into thinking they were terrorized. I think this would meet minimum specifications.


On the one hand, “Haha TSA is so stupid and wasteful, and I laugh heartily everytime someone makes them look like idiots (a lot).”

On the other hand, how are those idiots in charge of our security apparatus going to overreact to this?


They give you a quart sized bag full of 3oz containers…

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Could be enough to punch a hole in the fuselage or pop a window. At 30000 feet this is a problem.


[quote=“Raybert, post:2, topic:14359”]buy a couple of bottles of booze or wine[/quote]You mean toxic chemicals capable of inducing disorientation and even unconsciousness if consumed orally?



Clearly we need to ban chemistry. Not just learning about chemistry of course, but chemistry itself. Think of the children.


I not to mention the contents are highly flammable.

Perhaps we can use this as an excuse to ban Axe body spray?

(If I were actually concerned, I’d spend more time worrying about laptop batteries, not lithium AAs. Even unmodified, they are just plain bigger, plus a Li-ion/Li-poly battery shows up as a more or less opaque outline under x-ray scan, and modern laptops are stuffed to the brim with the things. It would be pretty trivial to keep enough unmodified battery to allow the laptop to turn on and operate normally for a short period if challenged, while rigging the rest to either burn in a zesty lithium fire, or replacing the rest with something similarly metallic and even zestier, like thermite, no organic odors to tip off the dogs or expensive sniffer machines… Extra credit, of course, would be awarded to anybody who could conceal an explosively formed penetrator as a ‘unibody’ metal chassis component; but that’s overkill.)


Oh yes. Did I make clear that you are supposed to evacuate the bottles by drinking their contents prior to converting them?

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A more apt description might be “firecracker”. Also, I want to know what airport lets you bring your Leatherman through security.

This toy would undoubtedly be useful for shutting down an airport for some time, but actually seriously hurting/killing anyone or damaging an airplane are probably beyond what it is capable of.

I’m also not sure what the magazine is for. Keeping the dental floss from slipping off? As far as deadly shrapnel is concerned, shredded magazines are not near the top of the list.


Now you’re talking!

I also like the thermite idea. Much better than replacing some of the battery cells with, say plastic explosives.


No it’s not. It’s no where near that powerful. Go watch the Mythbusters episode on this and see how much it takes to really damage an airplane.


Ah, but can he make a palatable meal from things acquired only in the airplane’s galley? That would take a whole lot more than mere chemistry and engineering.


True, but shredded magazines do catch fire nicely, which would certainly freak people out on a plane.

I don’t think the purpose of something this small is to make a plane explode, but that’s sort of like saying a .45 gun is harmless because it’s so difficult to take down an elephant with one. I wouldn’t want to be sitting on a plane next to something like what’s shown in the video.

Reminds me of the splendid Bleach Eating Freaks’ ‘Office Bricolage’ competition (these are the kinds of things get me fired from office jobs).