Real gun designed to look like Lego toy

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So, gun owners, then?


I hear it is the most painful weapon to step on in a dark room.


ON one side I’m like, “Yeah making your gun look like a toy for kids is probably one of the worst ideas you could have.”

And on the other side I’m like, “Lego sues anyone who does anything with interchangable bricks as patennt violations and trademark violations despite the patent originally being in 1958 and that’s also upsetting but for an entirely different reason.”

But yeah, I’m sure making a gun look like a kid’s toy is a great move. See how that turns out, and after the first kid gets killed by this the company will get a nice lesson about “attractive nuisance.”


Responsible gun owners! I’m sure the ammosexual collectors will be drooling at the chance to add this item to their armories.


Is this new gun design an attempt at increasing the likely-hood of police shooting children? (because any child holding something that looks like a toy is now a deadly threat [although that is sort of already the case]). Or is this an attempt at disguising the gun so that criminals can more easily carry them without being noticed? Or is this an attempt at getting guns into the hands of toddlers?


I mean honestly , given the average age of adult LEGO afficiianados (hi!) , this is probably designed for middle aged adults who like fun things. I don’t think it’s marketed towards kids, I think it’s marketed toward the AFOL set.

But will a kid pick it up? Will a kid see it as a toy? I mean, look at it , it looks like a toy.


This country does not need to give police another excuse to kill children.


The manufacturer will deny that it’s any such attempt, and in fact their motive is more likely good old irresponsible profit by selling these weapons to responsible liberal-pwners.

The scenarios you listed are just the inevitable consequences.


It’s a gun to own the libs. Own them because they didn’t realise that it was a real gun and weren’t afraid. Own them because they did realise and were afraid of something that looks like a toy, the fucking snowflakes. Either way you win.



Will a cop see someone with it and shoot them? Yes.

This is a dumb idea that will get people killed.


Is this real or is this another joke like


I looked at Culper Precision’s about page. I don’t think they realise or care that they are “those who would oppress and maim”. The whole page is written in auth-right dogwhistle english.


We are sick of the past 30-40 years of slowly capitulating our rights away in the fear of what someone who hates us for exercising our 2nd Amendment rights thinks about us. Rather than live in fear of the loud voices on social media we decided to release Block19 in an attempt to communicate that it is ok to own a gun and not wear tactical pants every day

this is so overwhelmingly stupid. it reads like an artist’s statement by a hs art student who didn’t bother to do the work and turned in a tampon in a teacup. first off nobody hates you for exercising 2nd amendment rights, they hate you for being dicks who think dead children are just an inevitable byproduct of an indispensible industry. and do you really fear voices on social media? and you think owning a gun that looks like a child’s toy is going to make you less fearful? i can’t even


I am a 48 year old woman and I thought it was a toy when I saw the picture the first time. There is no way an 8 year old wouldn’t think it’s a toy as well.


Rather than live in fear of the loud voices on social media

Wimps. I don’t own a gun, and I’m never afraid of some rando’s criticism on social media.


All of the above?


Next up, make a real gun out’a banana.


What is more likely: patriots overwhelming the authorities with cheap handguns disguised as Lego, or the sudden availability of guns that look like toys giving authorities a new excuse for killing kids with toys that looks like guns?

I don’t know what would be riskier in the USA - a gun made to look like LEGO, or a bunch of LEGO bricks assembled in the shape of a gun.

Policing-wise, I am sure there is the square root of fuck all difference.

ETA all we now need is for some gun maker to design a gun that looks like twig or stick and any ‘pew, pew’ role-playing kids will be fair game for any cop. Waiting for the first dead LEGO holder’s family to be told “I thought it was a Block 19”.