Real gun designed to look like Lego toy

Not cool, but still, I did have to think about how you could hold that thing steady with technic parts and lego robotics.

“Owning and shooting firearms responsibly is a really enjoyable activity”.

There are other fun things to do with your time that don’t kill people, you selfish assholes.


Update per NPR. No longer for sale. Also sunshine is the best disinfectant.



It was made to create controversy and exposure. Mission accomplished.


Bait or not, it does bring up legit questions, maybe not in the way they hope. I think that this gun could qualify as an illegal concealed/disguised weapon in California because the styling convincingly makes it look like a toy rather than a firearm.


Maybe, I am not up on all of CA’s laws. But there are lot of firearms made that can’t be sold in California and other states.

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I wonder if a strongly-worded letter from Glock’s lawyers on the subject of unauthorised modifications and possible trademark infringement helped Culper Precision reach that decision.

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No, it was Lego.


Well if you take their webpage at face value, they want to trigger the libs.

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Until now, I thought making weed edibles look like candy was one of the dumbest ideas.


an attempt to communicate that it is ok to own a gun and not wear tactical pants every day

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I like how they always throw in “responsibly.”

I can only see three kinds of people buying this: people with a collecting addiction (which means they have a house full of guns already), people doing something deliberately shady, or people who buy it just to troll the libs. Even that last one is not particularly “responsible.”


Just curious, what do you mean by that?

If a kid got shot by another kid who thought it was a toy a lawsuit would be very justified. However, the real threat here is the police shooting a kid with an actual toy and how do you pin the blame on the company in that case?

Personally, I would like to see some fairly strict laws on these edge cases. Make something that looks realistic and it’s subject to all real gun laws except the NFA ones (a select-fire Airsoft gun is just a gun, not a machine gun), with the exception that it can be brought into organized events in locations real guns would be prohibited.

Real guns that look like toys should at a minimum require a CCW license and I would not mind at all if they were considered NFA items. (Although I would like to see the NFA rules changed–one check, or one check every X years, not one check per item, and the permits should be shall-issue, not may-issue.)



A gun that looks like a toy could be very convenient in situations where you’re not supposed to have guns. Someone hiding a gun in a toy chest filled with other colorful plastic junk to sneak it by authorities for example.

You could of course just disguise a gun as something else, and in both cases it could be a wasted effort anyway.


laundry detergent that looks like candy,

lofty pursuits had a making of video, but they removed it

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Wait until some kid combines it with LEGO Mindstorms to make a sentry gun.


The cops don’t need to see you carry a gun of any sort whatsoever to shoot you.
“What? He had his hands on his waistband! I was in fear for my life!”

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