Paintball Sentry Gun vs Toddlers - no contest


Poor toddlers :frowning:

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I missed having BB Gadgets on my mp3 player for last week’s hiking! Fortunately I had two episodes of Gweek to tide me over.


Re: the Nerf gun for kids. It’s an awesome gadget until a cop sees your kid carrying one on the street and murders your kid because your kid didn’t hear or respond fast enough at the cop’s orders to drop the weapon, etc. It happened in Santa Rosa, Ca. last autumn. The boy was Hispanic so that might have pushed the cop over the top but given cops’ “roid rage”, fear of anything that moves, man or beast attitude this toy just doesn’t have a place in America today. Personally, I’m sick of gun toys in general. I’m sick of real killings and fantasy killings. The world is awful enough and out of our control. Why perpetuate it through play?

When bank robbers and gang bangers start modifying their guns to look like this cops will REALLY be confused.

“Just look at it, and don’t even THINK about slipping in any dye packs!”

Bonus points if you do a casemod on that paintball turret to make it look like this:


I like the concept of

“Troll Doll Piñata”

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How horrible. BoingBoing reports on the OkCupid travesty of experimenting on humans without their consent. Toddlers can’t give consent. Yet you’re putting them in the field of fire. Sure, I know that paintballs aren’t bullets but they can still sting. Such horrible people.

And then you close off the discussion by celebrating some disk drive designed to encourage piracy. How horrible.

way to let the terrorists win, man. way to go.

(probably not serious)

Megaton Poe yields.

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