Handgun looks like a smartphone


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Back in 1993 everyone was up in arms about the gun that looked like a beeper!

The more things change the more things stay the same!


Fun little toy. Nice design.


Not weapons, so much as Force Equalizers


The most immediate and biggest problem with it, to me, is that it will provide instant justification for anybody - but especially a cop - for shooting anyone who has a smartphone.

“How could I possibly tell it wasn’t a gun?”

As practically everyone has a smartphone these days, these being on the market would justify any number of fear-driven shootings.


Jesus tap dancing Christ on a raft!

I got no more.


People who think of guns/killing-machines as toys are so sexy.



They already say that. Plenty of dead people already on that basis. This stupid thing doesn’t change that. And it isn’t legal in my state, regardless.


Actually, yes.

You should’ve seen my friend on a local weapons fair last year. She looked really nice when posing with a big heavy sniper rifle.


Looks like it’s a two shot gun, there’s no place for a clip, unless you insert the clip in the grip after you fold it out. Still my initial reaction to this gun is meh. Plus there’s been some very concealable hand guns on the market for quite some time now, nothing particularly new. Just seems like fearmongering so i’m suspicious on the reporting for this gun.


I think you’re confusing where the source of the sexiness is. Change out the model with Bubba with his sweaty gut sticking out of his shirt and tell me it’s still sexy.


So you’re saying that having a gun in her hands somehow makes her seem more sexy to you. How so?


Power. Raw, unadulterated power.


Ah the difference in male gaze and female gaze when it comes to “women & guns” LOL - so predictable.


I’m really not seeing a need for the AK to make the model attractive.

(Also, terrible form. That’s gonna hurt when the stock recoils into her upper arm.)


400$? Wow. From the looks of it I could’ve sworn most of this hide-a-gun was 3D printed.


Woah, woah. You don’t think the Bundy set is sexy? But they have guns, lots of guns! Guns is sexy!!!



they shoot you if they want to shoot you. doesn’t matter what you’re holding.


Phone guns have existed for years:


The FMG (Folding Machine Gun), designed to “look like a laptop battery” when folded up. I don’t find it particularly convincing:

Apparently it’s a modified Glock 18.