Grenade outside middle school was.... not that

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a dog waste bag dispenser that is manufactured to resemble a hand grenade

Why? Why would you even make such a thing? It’s exactly the sort of thing that’s going to be left outside somewhere and freak people out.

(Though I’m reminded of a European friend who bought a hand-grenade shaped paperweight in the US and stuck it in his checked luggage for a return home, and thought nothing of it until they were paging him. Luckily it was pre-9/11, so he explained it was a paperweight and that was the end of it, and he didn’t end up arrested and on a terrorist watch list.)


These stories only have happy endings when the person responsible is caught and made to suffer a consequence. Would love for them to tell a judge there’s no harm intended because it wasn’t a real grenade. Ok, so what was the impetus for the initial purchase? Did it hold more dog shit than the competition? Ergonomic to carry?

Or, just maybe… it was bought because the owner thought it would be a kick to get the public scared and then go “You idiots… it’s just a prank… this is on you for being so dumb… I knew the whole time it was for dog poop… what suckers you are… I’m so much better…”

Item should be returned to owner … sideways.


Somebody wanted blow some crap away.

Literally a shit product.

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