Man learns his walnut cracker is actually an old grenade


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Also, be careful when searching for “worlds biggest nuts” on the internet.


If it is that type of grenade, I would think they would make piss poor nut crackers.


Call Homeland Security.


Just go old school


Well, if it worked true to its intended purpose, it would indeed crack a nut or two.


Hah. Poseurs. I take my Brazilnuts and drop them on abandoned land mines. Works every time.


“Nut cracker”? That’s clearly a (Chinese variant of a) “potato masher.”


This is why a knowledge of history is important.


Looks like it is the Japanese variant, as seen below. Not surprising if it was picked up in China.

Of course, dummy grenades were used by all WWII armies for training. It may be one of those. Just unscrew the bottom of the handle. If there’s a string there, pull it and you’ll find out in a few seconds.



I’d get someone else to pull the string.


Possibly. The the text in the photo identifies it as a Type 67, but who knows what it really is without having a weapons historian look at it.


man…you can’t even get real grenades in china these days! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
this knockoff economy has gotten out of hand…


Under the Trump trade plan, we’ll build all our grenades here in the USA again, and by golly, every single one of 'em will work just fine.


Was about to say that. I was just wondering how it got to China, but then I read the comment by lolipop_jones thats a japanese model.


I’d suggest a howitzer.


If I was that guy I’d have had it checked to make absolutely sure it can’t explode and then continued using it to crack nuts because that is a pretty cool nutcracker. In fact, where can I get one?


either the worst or the best walnut cracker ever.


And it looks kind of like the head is wooden, which would indicate that this is a training dummy. Which could easily imagine somebody thinking would be a funny, novelty nut cracker.


Wait, we can give exploding nut crackers as gifts? Where was this story two weeks ago?!!!