15 excellent but little-known movies


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Hey Mark, add a lucky 13th to your list: With a Friend Like Harry. Terrific, creepy, darkly funny French thriller. Great writing and top-notch acting — bad-man Harry is played by Sergí Lopez, who was also the sadistic Captain Vidal in Pan’s Labyrinth. A dark-horse winner!

Glad to see HOMICIDE on that list next to HOUSE OF GAMES. Mamet’s gone off his nut lately, but those are both good (not SPANISH PRISONER good, but still worthy).

One movie I never see on any of these lists is William Castle’s LET’S KILL UNCLE. That might be because it’s no longer available on DVD (if it ever was), but maybe if I mention it every time one of these lists comes up I can start a groundswell of sentiment to get it back into circulation. Because c’mon, William Freaking Castle.


The Player and Secrets and Lies are little-known?

Anyway. Of the rest, The Quiet Earth is a nice little movie that pops up in “what was that movie where…” discussions from time to time. Not seen it in years though.


“House of Games” is little known? I thought that was the movie that made Mamet famous in the first place.

Dunyayi Turkuran Adam (The Man Who Saved the World). A.K.A; Turkish Star Wars. Imo the greatest movie ever made. Practically unwatchable to most, and completely unre-releasable(?) due to its notorious lifting of other material.
Not for the faint of taste.

for anyone who missed it, we’ve got our own thread of under-and-overrated movies. Here’s @ChickieD’s post that re-caps everyone’s choices into a list by username.


Well, I liked “Time After Time” . Seems nobody else did :frowning:


“last night” is a special one for me

Any movie that puts cards into Ricky J’s hands can’t be all bad.


Lord, there’s so many! [just ask Quentin] Speaking of which, Twisted Nerve. A lovely Brit film with Hayley Mills and Hywel Bennett. A Hitchcock type flick that never quite made it across the pond [although QT was so taken with the Bernard Herrmann score that he used it in Kill Bill (somewhere)]. Speaking of Hayley, Hywel and films that didn’t survive the boat trip: The Family Way. Now this was one that I was able to mention to QT when he showed Twisted Nerve at the first QT fest that he was actually unfamiliar with at the time. It was one of the first films to garner an ‘X’ rating way back when because…well, you’ll just have to see it, if you can. It was a silly rating. But, honestly, The Family Way might just have been John Mills (yes, Hayley’s dad) best work. Look for it.

not only was 12:01 in production first, it was written first, and probably influenced Groundhog Day. not that i have anything against Groundhog Day – it’s one of my favorites.

“waydowntown” is one of my favourite movies, somewhat because it’s set in the city I’m living in. Some might find the pacing a bit difficult.

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“Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead”; Philip Seymour Hoffman’s finest work, IMHO. Insanely dark, though.

“You’re a bad pony. And I’m not gonna bet on you.” -will be in your personal quote archive after you see House of Games.

Anybody here ever seen Tune In Tomorrow? My personal favorite little-known gem.

Not quite, it’s gonna be this one:

Where am I from? I’m from the United States of Kiss My Ass!

In fact, when that poker game goes sour, the whole dialogue was copy/pasted by the band St Etienne in the track “Etienne Gonna Die” from their classic debut, Foxbase Alpha, back in 1991, I only saw the film until years later and my mind was blown to bits and pieces as I squealed in delight.

  • The bet? I’ll tell you what the bet is. And I’ll raise you six thousand dollars.
  • You sonofabitch, you’ve been steamrolling me all night! What are you trying to tell me? One card, you’ve got a flush, a full, what? I think you’re bluffing, pal, I think you’re trying to buy it!

Cat City is highly revered here in Hungary. And the entire film is on YouTube!

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Me too, a truly excellent movie. Another film with the same lead is Highway 61, which should also be on everybody’s list.

I don’t get it, where’s the list? The link goes to a post that says “I made this list”, but there’s no list.

Me too! Or am I just blind? I can’t find the list . Please point me to it?