Guide to weird movies


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Blue Velvet is getting pulled out’a the VCR box and getting a re-watch.


Is Anomalisa on that list? Because i saw that last year in theaters and it was really really strange. I still don’t know how i feel about that movie. I think i hate it?

Edit: No it’s not on the list.


Sigh. It’s a trouble light. :disappointed:


I love that movie so much!


A Scanner Darkly is on that list. Excellent. That movie is kind of amazing, total acid trip mind fuck. I need to rewatch it.


Looking at a list that includes 2001, Hedwig & The Angry Inch, and Barton Fink it seems"weird" is a pretty fluid concept. And it’s nice that it’s set up as a blog so while the main list may remain static new weirdness is added regularly.

I do wish there were an easy way to pick out the ones that are described as “Must See” (A Clockwork Orange), “Recommended” (Beasts Of The Southern Wild), and “Beware” (Manos: The Hands of Fate).


I was in a three-person show, two guys and one gal. Whenever our director visited us guys in our dressing room, she always remarked on how suave my fellow actor was, only she jokingly pronounced it swavy. It was bad enough that he had to hear this every night, but also, once she was out of the room, I would always turn to him and say, “You are so fucking suave, man!”



I would not consider Hedwig & The Angry Inch as weird at all but i suppose it may be to people who are uncomfortable with non-binary genders and whatnot. The movie is incredible, i’ve cried at it many times.

Also Manos: The Hands of Fate is… something. I would recommend the MST3K version, otherwise it may be too dull to enjoy.


Checked to see if “Buckaroo Banzai” was on the list. Was not disappointed.


Hm. One of my favorite movies is not on the list. Someone tell me that Adventures of Baron Munchausen doesn’t deserve to be on there.


It’s mentioned in the entry for “Brazil”.


Anomalisa was a play, briefly, and the movie is nearly identical to the play – except that the play just has 3 people sitting on a stage, while the movie has “action” via the puppets.

In my opinion, it was interesting, but not very good. While, middle-aged male going through a psychosis of disillusionment? Pass.


I thought it was just unpleasant. And very disappointing coming from Kaufman.


I think it could’ve have gone further into the psychology and weird territory if you’re going to use stop motion. But i guess if they were trying to stay faithful to the play then… ok i guess? Just seems like a wasted opportunity.


I did think about it after i posted that Gilliam has done quite a number of pretty odd movies and if you had to pick one it’d be Brazil as the best of the bunch.


Thank you for the kind words, Rob Beschizza.




Also checked if my favorite movie ever was there. It is.