150 orgs, experts and companies tell Obama: hands off crypto!

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Encryption protects billions of people every day against countless threats — be they street criminals trying to steal our phones and laptops, compute r criminals trying to defraud us, corporate spies trying to obtain our companies’ most valuable trade secrets, repressive governments trying to stifle dissent, or foreign intelligence age ncies trying to compromise our and our allies’ most sensitive national security secrets.

But once they can read everybody’s mail, the cops can just put all the bad people in jail and all of those problems are solved, and we enter a new era of peace and prosperity. Homes and automobiles will no longer come with locks. The only people who disagree are those who have something to hide, who are, by definition, the bad people. Go ahead, bad people, disagree! The authorities have got your number.


The “LogJam” exploit against TLS (weakdh.org) that surfaced May 20 shows the potential problem of “government-approved” cryptography: the US export rules put in place by Clinton are being leveraged to downgrade secure web connections to “export-grade” i.e.weak . The result is a noticeable percentage of websites that can be broken into by requesting downgrade then cracking the weaker keys.

Secure transactions vs. warrantless data grabs, hmmm

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Amen! Way to go, EFF! They’re the only guys I’m happy to donate to on a regular basis; they are always right out there in front, trying to keep our government honest.

Not that it’ll make any difference with Obama in this case; he’s already shown his true colors, and he’ll go with the ‘back-door’ guys. Wait and see…

Think of crypto as the Second Amendment of the First Amendment. If you don’t like it, you’ll leap over everyone who benefits just to point out the smaller percentage of criminals who justify your point of view.

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Ahhh, different criminals than those who would use weak crypto to criminal.

Took me a minute.

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