Today's terrifying Web security vulnerability, courtesy of the 1990s crypto wars

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So now this doesn’t seem so ridiculous.


Logjam continues a trend begun a few years ago of using catchy words or phrases to name vulnerabilities or the attacks that exploit them. Thankfully, this vulnerability disclosure wasn’t accompanied by a logo

Sez you.

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Would that be the crypto wars the the US is trying to re-introduce?


New export restrictions on computer security. This crap did not even slow me down in 90’s. It won’t work in 2010’s nor later.

Yeah, because nobody outside of the U.S. can develop cryptography. Actually, the Commerce Department needn’t worry, since no one will ever again want any crypto product produced or approved by the the U.S. government.

Thanks, N.S.A., F.B.I., C.I.A., Justice Department, etc, etc, etc.

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