16 optical illusions more fun than that damn dress



Click the blue letters.

But see they’re not more fun than the dress. In a vacuum maybe they are but the power of the dress lies in how it’s perceived in one way by a significant portion of the population and another by the rest of the population. Each group is in disbelief that it could be seen in any other way to the point where they almost think it’s a prank.


Meh, a bunch of those are the same thing.

The last one that really impressed me was the “stare at this image until it disappears”.


WRONG. The dress is more fun than these, because it is an interesting optical illusion with an easily understood explanation, and which happened more or less naturally instead of being constructed by someone for the explicit purpose of being an optical illusion.


The dress is white and gold (though the white appears a lilac blue due to the lighting). That is all. Anybody who says it is blue and black is a dirty rotten liar.


These are nice, but what’s up with the hostility towards the dress? It seems to have lots of people genuinely interested in science. Unlike a lot of optical illusions, different people see different things, adding a lot of mystery, and a drive to figure out what’s going on. Is it just because it’s a popular story, or what?


I think a great deal comes down to the probability that partisans aren’t viewing the photo on the same, preferably color corrected monitor. It does look sightly different on my ipad than on my computer, which has two, color corrected, but nevertheless, non IPS screens.

the picture is ugly-- and the dress, even if photographed under controlled conditions by someone who knows what she’s doing, does not strike me as particularly “fashion forward” or however the kids call chic these days.

I’ve seen much more complaining about the interest in the dress, than I have seen direct interest in the dress.

I think part of what’s going on is that the experience of disagreeing with others about the color of the dress, being led to question your own perceptions and the perceptions of others around you, is profoundly frustrating, so people have an urge to find some way to reject the entire episode.


I think the phenomenon is awesome - how often does a viral sensation end up causing so many people to grok the fact that their perceptions are mediated by expectations, and to have in-depth conversations about it?

I would, however, perversely like to create a followup meme that claims the dress perception is a psychological test akin to “glass half full/empty”… spliting the population into those who assume they are in a dark place seeing something in bright light, and those who assume that they are in a bright place seeing something in shadow.

Either than, or pitch an advertising concept to Proctor and Gamble: “No one would be arguing about the dress if they had used Tide Color-Safe Detergent!”

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Which washed out photo of an ugly dress are you?

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I dunno, but I’m a “someone is likely to break the glass and stab me with the shards” kind of person.

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