Here's an animated GIF that explains why that f*cking dress is so confusing


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Gestalts are a hell of a mind fuck.

Doubtful. They taught me this stuff in a very conservative small town community college.


That sounds exactly like something a witch would say.


Thaaaaaat fucking dress isn’t confusing. People are just wrong.


When color consistency is important. use a color chip card.

Shoot in raw so you can fix the color in post.


I guess technically we now know that they aren’t seeing the same color we’re seeing wrong, they are seeing the surrounding colors incorrectly, leading them to see the color we know to be true incorrectly.

I now need a lasso tool GIF to explain why people are seeing the reference colors incorrectly. :slight_smile:


Very obviously white & gold. But I hear dogs are color blind.


It’s black and blue, and poorly photographed. I bet she uses vertical video too.


I’m a blue.

I understood why people saw different colours, but was baffled that many couldn’t accept the explanation of how it happened.


What sorcery is this?

(Team Blue here.)


Would not the “why not both?” meme apply here?


Yes! People seem to be perfectly aware that optical illusions exist, that our senses are very fallible, that our perception of the world is a mediated experience frequently called a hallucination/illusion for good reason … and still refuse to believe any specific example of these effects.

I actually find it mildly depressing, it’s such a refutation that education can continue to advance us significantly as a species. I don’t mean the people who are ironically vocal in their arguments, that’s still kinda funny … for now.



See? Completely mistaken.


So, you have this illusion that people should know better…


Hahaha, no longer! But as a student I suffered from this one so much that I was, embarrassingly, a little bit libertarian. It’s a comforting illusion though, and it’s sad to see it go, all that hope for continued fast progress and dreams of utopian sci-fi futures.


As Marvin said “Life… don’t talk to me about life. Here I am, a brain the size of a planet…”



It’s true. Dogs hear in black and white.