1950s pulp comic adaptations of Ray Bradbury to be republished

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I had two volumes published in portuguese in the 1980s. The art and the short stories were awesome.

I remember the EC Comics published Mr. Bradbury’s stories without authorization.


Gonna have to get this - I first read Bradbury in grade 5, The Hallowe’en Tree - because of that book I grabbed everything I could find by him, definitely got exposed to a few stories that were a bit too mature for my 11 and 12 year old self, not because of sex or such, but he had so many that were just a wee bit more on the horror side than the sci-fi side, I recall one about a couple vacationing in Mexico and the mummies of the dead that couldn’t afford the rent on their graves, and the wife being so unsettled, and the story ending with the husband driving home alone…


Scriptwriters should check out Bradbury next for adaptations, although there’s a lot of PK Dick short stories left.



Oh, I had a pocket book reprint of some of these - the artwork looked gorgeous under the muddy over inking. Always wanted to find a full size version.

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