Look at all the cool stuff from the Ray Bradbury estate auction


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That picture brings back strong memories of my childhood - that Bradbury book was one of the first sci-fi books I read, and it really stuck with me. I wish I had that kind of money to spend…

As an aside, I wonder; does buying the painting mean that the owner also has copyright over the image?

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But do they have the painting for I Sing The Body Electric?

Good Show Sir says, “That’s the Bradbury story about an android grandmother, isn’t it? A sweet, family tale? Right, so let’s have either a muscle man or a horse on the cover. Better yet, a muscle man who IS a horse. And so ripped, that even his muscles have muscle men on them. On a wraparound cover.”

What a weird and fascinating image! SO mysterious.


Seems a bit more like it should have been a Heinlein cover. Only one fist would be a lady.

Also, don’t let Cyriak see this.


The item I’m drooling over is the Charles Addams painting that inspired October Country and was the cover for From the Dust Returned. Anyone have a spare $32k?



Ray Bradbury’s Hugo Award for Fahrenheit 451

Guys, I’m gonna need to borrow $5000, okay?

Edit: And the trophy the Thousand Oaks library gave him in 1995 when I met him for the first time! Aah!


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