1960s Alka Seltzer commercial featuring the voiceover talent of Gene Wilder

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Surprisingly honest. “We invented this disease”


Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Alka Seltzer invented the “blahs.” Huh.

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Were people uncomfortable discussing hangovers on TV then? If so, their “blahs” might be code for a hangover. I certainly juggle my head after a night of over-indulgence.


I love the animation.

Gene Wilder was also the voice of Letterman on “The Electric Company.” a educational children’s program.

Zero Mostel was the Spellbinder and Joan Rivers was the narrator.


If that’s not Bernard Mergendeiler, Jules Feiffer deserves royalties anyway. Where’s Huey?

Did he ever say anything longer than, “I’m Letterman”?

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It was a brilliant idea; imply that Alka-Seltzer is the perfect go-to remedy for any minor complaint. And they weren’t wrong: if as they say you’ve got a mild stomachache or headache, Alka-Seltzer would take care of both of those things. The FDA made them stop inventing fake diseases, though.


That’s all he usually said, to my memory (and I love the nonchalant way he says it. “I’m Letterman.”)

But he’s got a bunch of lines in this one:

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