1964 racists complaining about the Civil Rights Act sound like 2021 racists complaining about #BLM

I was recently reading about Black anarchist dual power groups in Alabama and Mississippi. They can’t call themselves anarchist or socialist because if they did then they would end up with the cops (or worse) paying them a visit. It’s makes more sense to them to keep their heads down and claim to be charities and small businesses. Because they aren’t playing by the rules of capitalism they tend to not make enough money to be noticed.


i couldn’t understand what the last woman was saying at the very end of the video. anyone know? anyway, i do find it interesting how many people preferred not to say what they thought, whereas nowadays, TRY to find a person who would refrain from speaking whatever racist shit they want when a microphone is put in front of their face.


People might be missing the one bright ray of enlightenment in the tape.
One gentleman said “[We shouldn’t] let nine men tell us what we got to do.”
He was clearly addressing the gender disparity on the SCOTUS.


Certainly very nutty, but I’m getting an overbearing soft fermented cheese odour seeping through.

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I think what he’s trying to say is that even if police were strictly restrained from using violence, there would still be excessive policing and ticketing. Beatings and murder are one symptom of an underlying problem.

Removing the symptom would save lives, but we really need to cut out the cancer. And when you cut out cancer, you need to make sure it doesn’t travel to other parts of the body.

That’s why I think we need to start with an offender registry for police.


Pity that he phrased it so very poorly, then.

And it’s such a shame that it seems to happen so often; people of privilege who are often far less impacted by inequality and disparity making comments that seem glib and nonchalant… even while discussing topics that are a matter of life and death to BIPOC.

That would be a start, along with making it so that police unions and police pensions are tapped for compensation whenever there’s a lawsuit for abuse or wrongful death, instead of the local taxpayers.


Nothing good, @Franko!

“I’m afraid we might have n*****s livin’ right next to us.”

That’s when pressed on how the Civil Rights Act may impact her personally. Per my earlier comment, I would love to hear this question posed to Black residents of this lovely little town. I imagine the answers would involve more tangible outcomes like being allowed to vote, work, attend school and build a future. Maybe even one where your neighbors view you as human.

Absolutely this. Beyond police violence being a result of systemic and personal racism, a culture of violence and a society that portrays them as “warriors” as opposed to civil servants, the core of the issue is the total absence of accountability.

Maybe one or two get busted for their hateful language or behavior. Maybe one or two are caught on tape going way too far. Maybe they’re even made an example of. But if they can go off to another jurisdiction and get right back behind a badge, if the department continues the same sort of hiring practices, if the police union fabricates the most preposterous defenses and the media just swallows the narrative whole without question, this will always be an issue.


omg, really? i’m so glad i couldn’t understand her, then! holy shit.


It’s much the same with women’s rights. Look up some old propaganda opposing women’s suffrage and most of the anti-feminist tropes will look awfully familiar.


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