1981 Nightline interview with Steve Jobs


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[quote]it’s about 12 pounds you can throw it out the window if the relationship isn’t going so well[/quote]And that’s why the original iMac still had a handle on it.


It’s fun to laugh at the vapidness of the initial reporting (also: I want that one guy’s red Apple ][). But then the discussion at the end is, like, five solid minutes of cogent, accessible debate between sane people who have thought about a topic. I mean holy shit, can you imagine if that happened on TV news now. People would riot.


To be fair, this was Nightline, on AFTER the late night comedy shows and NOBODY was watching…


That hair is more 70’s than 80’s.


David burnham is the seer… i wonder if he’s alive now and what he thinks to have been proven right.



David Burnham was a Times reporter. Last thing I found of his published was from 2015 and I don’t see an Obit so he is most likely still alive. You should ask him.




I honestly thought that was Aston Kutcher from the Jobs movie.


Actually, Nightline was on immediately after the late local news, concurrent with the Tonight Show (the only late night comedy show at the time). And a lot of people were watching; Nightline was incredibly popular, especially by contemporary standards. Consider that the media alternatives were Johnny Carson on NBC, reruns of bad TV movies on CBS, or a book. No internet, video games were strictly for kids, and cable news was barely a year old and not widely available.


Ooh good idea.


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