1ft Apple MFi Certified Short Lightning to USB Cable

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Back when I was a streaker, my nickname was “Short Lightning”. True story.


Oddly enough, I bought one of these just a week ago. just what I needed in the car.

Anker rocks. I’ve never had an ounce of trouble with their products.


Think I’ll buy two for my lovely spouse. She’s a bit hard on those things.


I feel like it is 30% more than Monoprice and 9 times what it would be if Apple were not involved.

1ft Apple MFi Certified Short Lightning to USB Cable

It’s been certified short? Is that really necessary?

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Well, the non-certified (?) micro USB version is 4.99 instead of 8.99. Anker isn’t bottom-of-the barrel gas station checkout line stuff.

Neither is Monoprice. They are as sturdy as anything from Anker.

I’m sure you’re right. I was commenting on the “nine times the price” expectation.

Hard to compare apples to oranges, but judging from the fact that Monoprice will sell you a 3 foot MicroUSB cable for 79 cents . . . not an unreasonable estimate.

My idea of apples to apples in this case, no pun intended, was comparing the (presumably Apple-tax-playing) $9 short Anker cable with the (presumably Apple-tax-free) $5 USB model from the same brand and lenght. The price difference is 1.8x. You said 9x.

That was what I was talking about. I’m not entirely sure it’s what you were talking about, but we tried.

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