20 feared dead in Japan landslide

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The disaster followed days of torrential rain in Shizuoka prefecture, with more falling in the first three days of month than is usually expected in the whole of July.

Not sure what preventative measures can be taken to stabilize structures against the elements while pushing forward on addressing climate change. As predicted, we’re seeing more disasters - and it’s both heartbreaking and terrifying.


I’m starting to think Earth doesn’t like us any more.


The earth has always been neutral in regards to its human infestation.

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I understand where people are coming from in terms of anthropogenic climate change and gods know I agree. But can I tactfully submit that talking about a devastating tragedy that may have just killed 20 or more innocent people being the result of a human infestation may be insensitive, however unintentionally so?


It’s not that unusual for landslides to happen in Japan. Living at the base of a steep bank with a very handmade stone retaining wall, the thought kept me up at night during rainstorms. June is rainy season, so those three days in July likely tipped the scale. Not surprising, but heartbreaking none the less.


Add to this that in a lot of areas, increased amounts of cement and pavement can significantly decrease the amount of water that can be absorbed by the land, and focuses the bulk of the water to particular areas (that may not be able to handle that volume of water).

Very true. And Japan loves to cover just about every surface in concrete. It’s one of the main ways they cope with erosion, but it causes all sorts of other issues.

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Shrubs and trees

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Trees had been felled and a large quantity of earth placed where the landslide started in order to create a flat area, apparently to position solar panels. It has since been announced that there are still 80 people unaccounted for.


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