Japan's flood woes still have a long way to go


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Remember kids, global climate change is a myth. Burning fossil fuels is good for the environment. Everything you hear contrary to that is just a conspiracy by left wing scientists.




Oh! I’ve seen this! It’s the final episode of Magical Girl Madoka Magika, and that’s no storm. It’s an eldritch abomination only magical girls can defeat - it’s just invisible to normals, who think it’s a typhoon.

Trigger warning: supernatural violence against little girls; grim gothic music.


Never fear, I have been following this event in the news for the last week or so, but I give a pass to celebrity gossip.


Thank you, Seamus.


Death toll up to 180 now, with 60 more missing. New evacuation orders this morning as pent up water in the mountain areas, especially around Hiroshima, look likely to cause further landslides.

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