20 home workout deals on sale for Memorial Day weekend

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I’m not American but I find it really, really weird that Memorial Day, the day to honour fallen service people, is the time to hawk a sale on a thigh master. How did it become normal?


For one thing, May marks a rise in consumer spending, according to Gallup, so retailers are eager to nab a larger share of that disposable income. And a three-day weekend in which the average office worker has the day off, but stores are open, is ideal for a major purchase like a mattress, furniture or appliance—something that requires some time in the store testing things out and maybe even a little comparison shopping. And mattresses above all other products have a major sale moment on Memorial Day because the majority of Americans who are going to move in a given year will do it between May and August. And now, of course, because it has become a tradition and we expect it.


This is one of the reasons I guess to be glad that Remembrance Day in Canada hasn’t been made a holiday. That and keeping children in school to educate them about the day is important. I don’t think we can pretend families would take that time to bring their children to the cenotaph.


Because Presidents’ Day is traditionally the time of year to hawk cars and mattresses.

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