2021 -- BBS gives back, let's choose 3 charities we can donate to

I discussed this with @orenwolf and have permission to post this topic, though please do note that it is an initiative funded through Discourse exclusively and is not directly connected to Boing Boing.

We’ve done a number of “year in review” feedback topics in the past. Given the maturity of this community – it’s literally the oldest existent Discourse community in the world – while there is still plenty to do, we wanted to shift gears a bit and “give back” to the greater world based on all the beta testing effort community members have contributed since 2013 (!) to making this a great place to hang out and discuss things… despite the incredibly tumultuous times we find ourselves in. :dizzy_face:

With that in mind, please propose, in the replies, a charity that Discourse can donate to on everyone’s behalf in January 2021. The top 3 most liked posts from this topic will be chosen as the 3 charities, and a later topic will allow you to vote for which of those three charities you wish your donation (sent on behalf of Discourse, absolutely no cost to you) to be sent to.

The donation formula is $7 per user, plus $1 for each additional year you’ve been a member of BBS based on your account creation date. So

  • if you’ve been a member since 2013, your vote donation (sent by Discourse) would be $7 + $8 = $15.
  • if you’ve been a member since 2019, your vote donation (sent by Discourse) would be $7 + $2 = $9.

Remember this is all charitable causes and at absolutely no cost to you – the idea is to reward everyone for all they time they’ve spent not only posting here, but helping us with feedback, feature requests, bug fixes, and general improvements. We deeply appreciate the time you’ve invested here and we want to turn that effort into charitable donations that make the world better for those less fortunate than us.

So – thank you for all your time, thank you for your patience with Discourse, and please reply with (and vote for by liking) the charities that should benefit from all our work together as a community.

:hugs: :point_down:

Let’s give this a few days; once the three winners emerge (via like counts) I’ll start a new topic with a poll and people can vote for which of three charities they prefer their donation to be sent to. Then Discourse will send the funds, along with receipts to prove that it was indeed sent.

(Edit: one very minor rule clarification that I just thought of. To keep this fair, when the voting begins on the 3 winning charities, only accounts that are at least two months old are eligible / will be counted towards the donation totals.)


This is local so it’s not a contender and I understand that but MASI are one of the group’s I donate to.

My new year’s wish is that we will face up to the responsibilities of our referendums on marriage equality and abortion and our gender recognition act and become an asylum for people suffering from homophobia, hatred of women, transphobia, and just general migrants suffering from the imperialist capitalist hegemony. Like my number one wish.


The International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Chances are, they are doing work somewhere near you:


I will submit the obvious: The EFF. Without their (direct and indirect) legal and lobbying support, Boing Boing, and the BBS, would likely not be here today:


Inter Pares is not as well known as some, but does good work internationally, with emphasis on woman-led projects. (Sorry, wouldn’t OneBox properly. @codinghorror?)


Since the bbs is an international forum, why not choose to support a charity doing good internationally.

This one would be my recommendation:


My vote would be Chef Jose Andres’ World Central Kitchen. They do excellent work addressing hunger and food waste.


Freedom of the press is under attack here in the US and around the world. The RCFP “… provides pro bono legal representation, amicus curiae support, and other legal resources to protect First Amendment freedoms and the newsgathering rights of journalists.”


I am nominating donating to Black Lives Matter.


Why? Many reasons. But standing out above them is how we discuss justice here on this forum every day, and so it is fitting.

We hash it out here, multiculturally, multinationally, and together. It is time to turn our words into actions, to support the movement leading real change in 2021.

Edit 06JAN: Now more than ever, we need to back BLM. The divisions of inequality are what is literally destroying this country and taking us to the brink of authoritarianism; the way the entire machine is driven by white supremacy, both overt and institutional, explicit and implicit bias. This machinery must be disassembled and replaced with something that works for all.


I hear that and agree wholeheartedly. Whatever topics come up frequently on BBS that we can support through donations, we should! Keep the ideas and :heart:s flowing!


Seconding MSF, and bringing up UNICEF:


First off, what a fantastic idea @codinghorror and the Discourse team!

I would like to nominate Heifer International. 75¢ of every dollar goes directly into program support and they have a proven track record of lifting families out of dire poverty. The definition of “think globally, act locally”!

They also published a beautiful children’s book that describes the direct impact of their work without ever getting preachy or dire.


I’m going to go with Greenpeace, since I’m a squishy sort of “they get results” guy who accepts that sometimes compromises must be made.


Thirding Medicins sans frontieres. Also working along similar lines, although not as widespread as MSF, is Mercy Ships. mercyships.org Unfortunately has a religious component to it but I don’t think it’s too intrusive. Also has a few POC and women on its Board.


Please keep the votes and nominations coming in! Less than 24 hours left to select our top 3. :bowing_man:

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Refugee and Immigration Center for Education and legal Services

“We are a nonprofit agency that promotes justice by providing free and low-cost legal services to underserved immigrant children, families, and refugees.”