2021 -- BBS gives back, donate to one of four charities for free as thanks!

I discussed this with @orenwolf and have permission to post this topic, though please do note that it is an initiative funded through Discourse exclusively and is not directly connected to Boing Boing.

We’ve done a number of “year in review” feedback topics in the past. Given the maturity of this community – it’s literally the oldest existent Discourse community in the world – while there is still plenty to do, we wanted to shift gears a bit and “give back” to the greater world based on all the beta testing effort community members have contributed since 2013 (!) to making this a great place to hang out and discuss things … despite the incredibly tumultuous times we find ourselves in. :dizzy_face:

With that in mind, the top 4 most liked posts from the charity proposal topic have been selected, and in this topic you can vote for which of those charities you wish your donation (sent on behalf of Discourse, at absolutely no cost to you) to be sent:

Choose a charity
  • EFF
  • Médecins Sans Frontières
  • Black Lives Matter
  • WaterAid

0 voters

Each individual vote is a donation to the charity of your choice, at absolutely no cost to you, with the following rules:

  • you must be a trust level 1 member with an account at least two months old to be eligible. New (TL0) accounts should not be able to vote in this poll per the poll settings.
  • if you’ve been a member since 2013, your vote donation (sent by Discourse) will be $7 + $8 years = $15.
  • if you’ve been a member since 2019, your vote donation (sent by Discourse) will be $7 + $2 years = $9.

Thanks again for being a part of this community and all the time and effort you contribute to making BBS a great (and hopefully improving) place to spend time together. :hugs:

Votes close on Saturday so please vote your preference – this is literally free money to help people less fortunate than ourselves.


Just a gentle reminder to get those votes in! :point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2:

Free money to worthy charities, as a thank you for all the time you’ve invested in this community over the years. :hugs:


Good show, thanks for doing this! :pray: And great causes all.


Two hours to go folks - if you haven’t voted, please do - your vote will directly translate into aid for these worthy organizations!


OK! so let’s see!

26 votes for MSF, minimum donation $7 × 26 = $182
23 votes for BLM, minimum donation $7 × 23 = $161
14 votes for EFF, minimum donation $7 × 14 = $98
4 votes for WaterAid, minimum donation $7 × 4 = $16

23 + 14 + 26 + 4 = 67 voters :heavy_check_mark:

Let me do the math on years membership and complete the rest


I decided to double the bonus for years of activity, so the formula is now:

$7 base + ($1 for each year of membership × 2)

Which results in

# base bonus total
MSF 26 $182 $342 $524
BLM 23 $161 $308 $469
EFF 14 $98 $184 $282
WaterAid 4 $16 $64 $80

Total donated: $1,355






OK! Thanks everyone for contributing as a member of this community for so many years – here’s to (hopefully) a brighter 2021 for all of us. :hugs:


Thank you, Jeff. That was a good way to ring in the early days of a better year. :hugs:


One interesting factoid:

Of the 67 voters…

  • average year of join 2014.4
  • median year of join 2013

Lots of long time participants, which is encouraging!


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