21K Kansans' votes will be suppressed this election


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Well, no shit, this is America.

Everything from (1) gerrymandering in the house (2) unequal apportionment in the senate (3) the electoral college (4) first past the post (5) various disenfranchisement laws (6) access barriers to voter registration [guess what, the local dmv is inaccessible!] (7) access barriers to required identification [ditto] (8) removing people who have registered (8) sending people who have registered the wrong documents (9) not enough voting locations in poor and black neighborhoods (10) inaccessible voting locations (11) early closing of voting locations (12) unreliable voting machines all add up to rigged elections, and the disenfranchisement of many poor people, black people, disabled people, and trans people.

39 states have laws barring people with some intellectual and development disabilities from voting. 50 states and the district have inaccessible offices barring people with various disabilities from voting, getting bureaucratic problems sorted out, using public transportation, etc.


The irony of officials from the USA on watch for voter fraud in warm foreign climes is something something something.


This guy is wrong if he thinks he has to be registered to be summoned for jury duty.

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Maybe part of the process of being summoned for jury duty should include registering unregistered voters?

It is estimated that as many as 500,000 registered voters will be turned away in Texas even though Texas’ own voter-ID law has been ruled illegal—but was allowed to remain in force just this one time.


Oops. You fail Reading Comprehension 101. Back to the eighth grade for you.

It would be trivial for a state government to automatically register a citizen to vote when they serve on a jury. Suggest the idea to your representative. Help make your government better.


In Tennessee you’re required to present your birth certificate when you get your driver’s license. If Kansas doesn’t already do that then they should, if they’re allowing people to register at the DMV. Also I realize DMV workers are very busy, but they should be educated in the proper procedures if they’re registering voters.

Side note: like all voters I was required to present a photo ID when I went to vote. The woman at the polling place didn’t bother to look at my ID. I could have given her my Commander USA fan club card and she wouldn’t have noticed. I like to think it was a quiet protest against the absurd efforts to prevent voting fraud.


Okay, so what do you do for people who can’t use the dmv?

So, right wing fears/worries about virtually non-existent voter fraud has led to policies that are causing the disenfranchisement of legal voters (i.e. actual voter fraud IMHO…)

wow… Just wow…


The system works!

Good point, and one I hadn’t thought of, although my problem is that the DMV is the only place to get the (unnecessarily) required photo ID, and it’s very difficult to get to for those who don’t have access to a car. For many disabled people who don’t have a car it’s impossible to get to. Maybe it doesn’t matter since many polling places are inaccessible without a car.

At the very least I’d like to see better public transportation for the poor and disabled, but it seems like someone has an interest in making it difficult for them to vote.

Illinois does not like to share address information. updating your address at the dmv does not update your address for voter, and does not update your address for vehicle registration.

Now the dmv can do all these, but if you do it online, you have to do it on multiple websites.

*my bad about the gender, i read Allen and assumed it was a guy’s first name. I skimmed the article.

Not just in Kansas, as @MarjaE indicated other states have a real problem:


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