North Carolina's voter suppression law struck down as "racist"


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I’m shocked.

Well, not that shocked.

Only shocked that they actually managed to get it struck down before November.


Mind boggling:

Racist and also incredibly stupid.


I’m not shocked they got it so quickly but after the gutting of the VRA I am kind of shocked they got it overturned. Shocked and very happy.


Do most states allow voting without showing any ID?


17 states apparently don’t require ID.

Notice of course that many of the ones with the most harsh voter ID laws also have large African American populations.


Poor North Carolina, All they wanted to do was get back to hating and hurting the traditional targets of small minds and the whole damn world calls them out on it and took their laws away. No wonder they’re pouting. Nobody will come play ball with them and they got queers peeing in whatever bathroom feels right for them. No wonder they feel so sorry for themselves.


And now, the people responsible are going to be fired, fined, jailed, barred from having anything to do with public office?


I doubt this will be the last attempt at voter suppression but at least this was nipped in the bud.


It’s okay. They can still demonize trans people.


I get that the NC law seems to have been passed with a racist agenda. But in states that do not require any ID to vote, what is keeping people from voting lots of times at different polling places? I do not know much about this, except what I have read recently. I kind of get a deceptive vibe from arguments on both sides, and would like to be educated objectively on the issue. I did read the Brennan study, but found it incomplete.


You seem to get consistently “suspicious” on a not-objective selection of topics.


Registration. You have to be on the voting rolls in order to vote. So if you want to go around and vote a bunch of times you’ll have to impersonate someone registered at each of the different polling places you go to. And you have to hope that they don’t actually show up to vote and discover that someone else already voted in their name.

So yes, it is theoretically possible to a very limited degree that is completely out of proportion to the “voter id” remedy.


I don’t know about your “vibes” but the deception is demonstrably on one side. These voter laws are being justified by the idea of fraudulent voters - people who aren’t registered voters who are voting, or registered voters voting multiple times - that have been thoroughly investigated and found to be factually untrue in any significant number (i.e. not more than three times in 20 years in one state, for example).


Wow. Just…wow.

Some of these people have no concept of when they should be ashamed, do they?


Two things:
First when you register, you’re on the voting roll for your polling place. You can’t just wander to another polling place you’re not registered for. And you have to show your voter registration card.
Second, the felony and massive fines for vote fraud are a pretty good deterrent. It’s a very high risk, low reward crime.

Voter ID doesn’t really solve a problem with the voting system as it’s implemented (other than the perceived problem of the poor, minorities, the elderly, and students voting). If someone shows up and uses someone else’s name at a polling place with a fake registration card, then not only will election officials quickly know and investigate, but there’s no possibility of that being abused as anything other than a one-off.


We manage to stop that from happening in Britain



This shouldn’t come as a surprise given the laws that North Carolina has been passing lately–and not just ones related to voting.


I…I did not even know this existed, but the cast is awesome!