24 hours later, ANOTHER massive Wells Fargo fraud scandal

Feel that? That’s the Invisible Hand of Laissez Faire Capitalism going through your wallet.


My reaction as well. In fact, why their corporate license hasn’t been revoked is beyond me.

I know, that’s not the way it works. But it should be, and the top execs should be wearing orange now.


Here’s Geraldo with the list of charges Wells Fargo will be facing

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My point exactly, it’s a very low barrier, but one that seems to be very effective.

For the record I changed my personal banking myself before even bringing it up at the executive level and it was actually easier than I expected.

Either way it does take a little over two months in total but literally 99% of that time is just waiting to be sure you haven’t missed anything. The bulk of the work is just making a list of electronic payments to vendors or from customers and recreating them at the new bank.

Well worth the effort to put a stick in the eye of pernicious evil like this!

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Damn it feels good to be a bankster.

We have AHS on our old home that we still own, and after a couple more years with our current (new) home we’ll be adding AHS coverage. We’ve never had trouble getting things covered by AHS, except for things specifically excluded (like, say, more than one pound of Freon for the AC).

I’m not defending Wells Fargo auto-signing people up, but honestly… I’m not sure what the beef with AHS as a “scam” is.

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