24-pack of LED light bulbs for $28

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The daylight ones don’t seem to be on sale. They were the stock $39.99 for me at least.

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Nice to see the warm whites being highlighted. The stark white ones (not these) are really industrial and garish. I keep writing (imagined only, not actual) notes to my neighbors suggesting they go with lower color temperature ones like these.


Nitzer Bulb.


Does it say on the package that they are rated for fully enclosed fixtures? 90% of LED bulbs seem to not be rated for enclosed fixtures, which make them utterly useless to us in our house full of enclosed ceiling lamps.

But even if they are so rated, they’re still useless to us because 60 watt equivalent bulbs are just too damn dim for most of our needs.


If you can currently put a 60 or 100 watt bulb in a fixture, you can certainly put these $1, 8.5 watt bulbs in with no problem. They won’t ever even get too hot to touch.

I’m an Amazon Prime member and I see the price as even less: $25.01 for 24 bulbs. However they are listed as “Used - Like New” with damaged packaging.

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Read the fine print and most LEDs say “not for fully enclosed fixtures”. Lights that are not rated for enclosed fixtures will burn out prematurely, and may turn off when they get too hot.


According to some reviews, these appear to be non-Sylvania bulbs in Sylvania boxes that are often DOA, don’t last very long, and/or flicker. Please consider reading reviews before buying these.


I bought some cheap LEDPax brand bulbs. The color was good, except they flickered when my washing machine was on. Also, I take a lot of digital video of my kids at home, and at high shutter speeds, there is a noticeable light-shadow pattern that the camera picks up from these bulbs.

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All LEDs use POV hacks and if the “refresh rate” overlaps the cameras framerate you’ll see flickering. This is pretty typical unfortunately.

Really? I thought the flickering was because they’re a DC electronic running on an AC circuit.

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24 led bulbs… theoretically, enough to last a lifetime.

Maybe some cheap low quality LED bulbs are powered directly by AC current in which case yeah, they will cycle at 60 or 50 Hz. In most LED bulbs mains power is rectified into DC current before lighting the LEDs.

Dimmable bulbs add in a PWM circuit to better modulate the LEDs to allow for a “dimming” effect by slowing the refresh rate making the lights appear darker (in my experience they never dim as well as incandescents).


Lights that specify “not for enclosed fixtures” on their package will generally last about 3 months of heavy use, in my experience – and I have a lot of experience replacing bulbs in a high-humidity facility where all light fixtures must be fully enclosed.

In a household environment, assuming an average of 3 hrs/day, you’ll get 6-9 months out of one. About 10% of the advertised lifespan.

Anybody have an affordable source for low output LEDs? Seems like nothing I can find approaches the “equivalent” (arrgh, don’t get me started!) of a 10W incandescent bulb, but in standard Edison base.

Bummer! Good to know.

By ‘standard Edison base’ do you mean the E17 size used for normal bulbs in NA? Becaue the Edison base is available in a bunch of sizes (some only in NA and some only elsewhere).

I’ve seen ‘party lights’ and ‘appliance bulbs’ in that brightness range with an E17 base. Amazon was quite helpful. Well, google was quite helpful in finding them at Amazon as Amazon’s search engine is still horrible.

My bulbs came. They seem reasonably bright for a ‘40w’ bulb and the color is definately on the warm white side of things. They seem reasonable at first blush, but who knows if they will last long.

Yeah, E17. Thought ‘Edison’ might not be specific enough, and was in a hurry.

Maybe I’ll take another crack at it. I’ve had poor luck with buying specialty bulbs online over the years… that time I tried to convert the World’s Ugliest Chandalier to LED being a great example.

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