25 million people rely on water from Lake Mead, and it's drying up

Oh, all the agricultural parts of California that are sinking because they’re permanently reducing the groundwater, such fun… Also huge problems with water rights to various natural and man-made waterways - farms have rights to certain quantities of water, regardless of how much water is actually in the waterway, set during times that had quantities of rainfall we can only dream about now. The result being that in current conditions, farms have rights to substantially more than 100% of the water that’s there.

I grow all my own fruits and veg here in California, so it’s all seasonal eating, all the time. And I get quite pissed, when I visit rural parts of the state, watching them waste water because they don’t have to give a fuck, when I’m using high-efficiency drip irrigation systems (and greywater recycling) and am facing water rationing that might prevent gardening entirely.

Yeah. Though they’re hardly alone in using huge quantities of water.

Not so much hate either, though. Their left-leaning donation have granted them a certain amount of slack, I suspect. Not that farmers are facing any real resistance in general. My mother comes from an area up in Northern California where they grow rice by flooding the fields - even though that’s not necessary. (And ironically many of the areas are seasonal wetlands - but are dry when they grow the rice, so the water has to be pumped into the fields.)


@frauenfelder “When Lake Mead was built during the 1920s and 1930s, the western United States was enjoying one of the wettest periods of the past 1,200 years.”…so you’re saying the Dust Bowl was one of the wettest periods???

don’t worry, in the northeast we are draining our aquifers to fill plastic bottles we can sell to the thirsty, dusty consumers out west. it all works out.

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The zero spread makes it completely broken. It’s more accurate than any sniper rifle.

Dust bowl was mostly east of the Rockys, wasn’t it?

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