2600 magazine profiled in the New Yorker


I bought my husband the “lifetime subscription” to 2600 when we were first married. That probably puts us on some sort of list.


2600 is terrible. I mean, it’s been terrible forever. It’s not like it’s gone downhill. It’s not gotten better with age. It has just always been terrible.

So, I guess that’s all I have to say about that.

I miss phrack though. That was some solid writing. PoCoGTFO is pretty solid these days.

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The “2600 Lifetime Subscription” list doubles as the “TSA No-Fly List”.

There are significantly less people on the 2600 Lifetime subscription list, I’d wager.

Back when I was at Bell Labs in the 80s, and we could subscribe to technical journals through the company library system, I subscribed to 2600 for a few years.

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