27-year-olds: don't forget your D10K party!

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Makes me feel positively sprightly to know I’ve got more than a year before I need to worry about organising my D20K party. >creaks<


Shouldn’t you be waiting for your 32nd millionth birthday?

/ There are only ten kinds of people in the world, eh.


At about 31.5 years old you get to celebrate your billionth second.


I think I got about a month to go for my D20K. [Creaky fist-bump]

Hmm, I know a cake-maker, I wonder if she’ll make me a D20-based D20K cake?


You’ve got to be pretty fast to blow out all the candles.


If you were born after April 27, 1988, you’ve still got time to plan your D10K!

…and if not, to the ash heap of history with you! :cry:


It’s not just going to space that can adjust that number.

If your number of “round the world in one direction trips” nets to either a positive or negative value (rather than zero), then your number of days will need to be adjusted (nb: Magellan)


[Bump!] (In about four years). I Did cross the international date line going Westward, and didn’t come back. Dunno if that throws it off. I think I got August 22nd, 1986 twice.

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Why would that change it? If you’ve circled the world and come back to the same point, you haven’t had more or less time on Earth than anyone else during that time, and the 24 hour jump is offset by the time zones along the way. On the other hand, my birthday is on a different date anywhere east of Poland.

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