Happy Birthday, Donald_Petersen




page not found?

whelp, happy birthday Mr. Petersen! :birthday:



NWRT the 404 tho. That is something new and unfun. I am trying to fix it.


Aw, thanks, guys! Shucks… I’m misting up. :slight_smile:


There’s no such person. The 404 proves it. And he never landed on the moon either.


You wanna go to the moon, @Boundegar? You wanna go to the moon?!


#Rojbûna te pîroz bê!!



Congratulations on living through another solar cycle. May your Phleens continue to multiply and your planetary orbit never decay.


Now I’ve got “Happy Birthday Mr. President” stuck in my head.



Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday! I bet this is what cake looks like in the wasteland.


I didn’t know your birthday was on the 8th of December!


I feel this needs a wider audience.


Ew! Ew! Ew! That’s my niece!!!

Oh, I am gonna kick her ass next time she comes home from Alaska! How have I never seen that?!


It is for backward folk like me. For advanced time-travelers like yourself, it occurs on the 10th. Everyone else knows to celebrate it on the 9th.

I expect to be gifted accordingly, lest there be International Repercussions!


That makes perfect sense. Have an awesome day!



Oh my god, that looks scrumptious. Now I’m drooling a bit more than usual.

I realize I forgot to eat lunch. That looks soooo good!


Lunch? Dude, it’s like, even late on the left coast. Go get you a taco from a truck and say Feliz cumpleaños!

PS - Loved your work on Encino Man.