Where's my cake?


so it should be cake slice day for me… @orenwolf @codinghorror?
more just curious than anything.



Looks like you joined at 10:48pm. Wonder if the icon will pop up then?

In related news I have my cake but don’t have a new title to go with it.




those updated happen at midnight on a scheduled task (if I am recalling things right) so it should show up for you morning coffee, or afternoon tea, or whatever depending on your timezone.


Why in the hell did my dad think Creepshow would be a good movie to take me to? I was 6.

Other movies I saw in the theater with pops:

The Shining
The Terminator


Heh I was in high school then… and one of my friends had to leave the theater for the last story. He really didn’t like roaches.


hey, happy birthday, dude


nah my bday is much later this year… this is for anniversary/join date.


Same with my uncle. He has a severe fear of them and can’t watch that part.


I always suspected you were in your own little world at times :wink: j/k

Cake for TobinL! :cake: :cake: :cake: :cake: :cake: :cake: :cake: :cake:

For some reason I was unduly amused yesterday (was it yesterday?) when @“boingboing” had a cake slice.



I wasnt much older when my dad took me to see this


Not until you’ve finished your dinner, young man.


Is that an Italian film? I don’t think I’ve heard of it?


Yes, Italian


I’m going to have to see if I can find this. Italian horror films are always great.


Havent seen it since I was a little kid, cant comment if it would hold up well almost 40 years later.


Lucio Fulci is always a good time in horror film and do not expect it to make any sense whatsoever.


I mean, doesn’t the poster tell us all we need to know about it, honestly? And it tells me that it will weird, campy, nonsensical fun.