🍰🎂 Cakeday Celebrations! 🎂🍰


Whether it’s an anniversary or a birthday, here’s a place to celebrate special days for all our Happy Mutants!


Thank you so much @orenwolf for all you do for us! Happy birthday!



Thanks so much! :smiley:


Happy Cakeday @navarro!


I’d caution putting your real birthday online.

I’m fond of just saying mine is 4/20 on various forms. I like cake on that day for some reason…


I want that cake and the stores are closed!


Zingers are a good substitute- 7/11 etc should have


The tummy rumbles. The eyes turn toward the garage.


@TobinL Best wishes :birthday:

Hope you get some real-life cake!


I should be making one later…


As they say, if you want something done right, do it yourself :wink:


Yay @TobinL!




May cake await you in your next geocache adventure!

Preferably not in the cache you understand, but made fresh afterwards by a dual classed, 47th level paladin-baker who has made a covenant with St. Honoratus.


Well no cake yet but an excellent cappuccino and a tasty pretzel with proper mustard.

ETA apple cake in the oven… 45 more minutes and yum. Happily I have a teenage boy in the house so I won’t eat most of it.


Happy birthday @GulliverFoyle!



Thank you kindly. This is where I sheepishly admit that I input an arbitrary DOB to keep my real one off the interwebs. :grimacing:

But I’ll temporally translate the much appreciated sentiment to my real birth day! :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, awesome GIFness and Happy New Year :fireworks:


Happy Cakeday @MalevolentPixy!



I’m actually very surprised that @Papasan didn’t jump in with “The Bar’s My Destination”.


I think he’s already there… Right now!


And a Happy Cakeday to @Nightflyer

Let’s see…fish cake? :fish_cake: No…
Pancakes? :pancakes: No…
Oh, I’ve got it…Birthday cake! :birthday: