Happy birthday to me! I belong in a zoo....blah, blah, blah... I smell like one too!


It’s my birthday tomorrow! Guess how old I’ll be and I’ll post a snarky gif in reply!

Also, Michael Stipe, Reagan’s first wife, Dave “my favorite kid in the hall” Foley, Matt Frewer, April “Regretsy” Winchell, and Bernard Sumner all share my birthday! w00t!


Given how often birthdate is still used as one of the identity authentication tokens – despite being a remarkably poor choice – I generally try not to post mine on line. If a site asks me without a Good Reason To Need To Know, I give 'em something wrong but close enough for “yes, he’s an adult” purposes.


Have a happy one, Mindy! I don’t know how you’ve managed to keep your looks together so well at such an advanced age, but it’s plain to all who have read your wise words hereabouts that you won’t see the low side of 137 again. So either you still haven’t stopped bathing in the blood of virgins, or you have a hideously wizened and increasingly haggard portrait stashed up in your attic, or…

Or you’re just one of the wiser kids I’ve met. Hmm. No, I won’t guess. Not without a peek into your attic and bathtub.


Geez… all I wanted was a happy birthday, not a lecture grandpa!!! :wink:

Of course, you’re probably right. Still… happy birthday to me - let’s party!


Honestly, it’s the horse hearts…


Happy birthday, ya young sprat. Now get off my lawn!

(Sorry. I’ve spent the past couple weeks doing too much user support.)


No worries… have a bonus gif…


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:cake: :birthday: :cake: :birthday: :cake: :birthday: :cake: :birthday:


The Cheat is grounded…


Happy Birthday!

To me, young has no meaning, it’s something you can do nothing about it. Nothing at all. But youth ia a quality, and if you have it, you never lose it. And when they put you into the box that’s your immortality.
(Frank Lloyd Wright, 1957 interviewed by Mike Wallace)



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