🍰 Let Us Eat CAKE 🎂


Did you say Who?

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But there clearly is!

You are ignoring my offer of CAKE.


Precisely my point!

To the cake!







That looks delicious, but this is my actual go-to chocolate cake.

I mean, I love strawberries, but why take away from the chocolate flavour?


But if the cake is baked well, the flavor of each should accentuate each other, not detract.

I love chocolate, and I love strawberries; separate and together.


Agreed on all points, but I still think chocolate + strawberries < chocolate + more chocolate.



I don’t think there has to be an ‘either or’ scenario.






Does that have a recipe?


But of course!

[Surprisingly Quick Root Beer Chocolate Bundt Cake] (http://www.thekitchn.com/surprisingly-quick-root-beer-c-121148)

Edit to add: Just to warn you, the recipe makes way too much icing, but for me, that’s a feature, not a bug.

ETA#2: Once I made the icing too thin (it’s a bit finicky), and literally had to pour it over the cake. Since I couldn’t get more than a very thin layer of icing on the cake, there was way too much left over, so I bought a fruit bowl and used it for fondue.


Thank you!


You’re quite welcome!


Speaking of recipes, I wish I could find one for this

Om nom nom…