$28 Chinese app is a browser for insecure webcams

Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/06/20/baby-monitors-and-cctvs.html

Pretty sure there have been easily found websites solely dedicated to links to unprotected webcams in existence for years.

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About ten years ago boingboing had a post about how to find unsecured cameras online. I had an interesting time for a few weeks accessing security cameras, some of which you could even control (never saw anything interesting, mostly lots of public cameras at university cafeterias or factory parking lots, rooftop cameras overlooking a park, etc…)

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If it’s available on the internet, it’s not CCTV.


Does anyone else have some…slightly apprehensive thoughts…about what other behavior this fine software may exhibit while you are distracted with the voyeurism?



Ha ha. I’m totally going to replace my sticky note with a tangerine sticker. Still should probably throw five bucks at the EFF.

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