How to look cute on your webcam that the government is definitely spying on

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I use opaque tape over my self-facing camera and a FOSS Android app called PilferShush which is supposed to cut off the microphone unless I’m actually on a call.
I don’t code so I can’t vet the code, but the creators said “we promise!” in the description. which is exactly what someone trying to get you to download malicious code would say, but anyway, here’s for hoping.


I use tape and disable my devices - it’s the only way to be sure. :wink:

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The HP Spectre X-360 I bought about 6 months ago has a physical webcam disconnect switch and it was one of the reasons I chose that laptop in the end after looking for 3 years for something that met my specs

I don’t want a fucking webcam I don’t need a fucking webcam and I use Linux for a reason.

I also donate to the EFF because of shit like this and so should you

You bastards can pry my innocuous data out of my cold dead hands, which may now happen because Trump is crippling the CDC and our country fuck all of this shit


I use Linux for a reason.

Srsly pondering Qubes for some muffincore Enthusiasm.

I also


And you bought an HP instead of arbitraging it for Petro. I mean, HP are nudging USI (universal stylus initiative, but maybe they’re after your ‘hand’?) but…that is not going on Dark Craig’s List for a Great Wall MIPS-V compy. Though I have not seen one sidechannel attacked via the excellent trackpad yet.

Anyhow, I hope you find a street use for that webcam! Endless Drivers’ Licenses for opening excess Draper Funds, stuffed animal economic structuralism social liberty theater, capturing/spoofing 3D models using NeRF, perfecting Haruhi dances, all that.

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Exactly how many drugs are you currently on?

Half of that is straight gibberish

Edit: 90% of that is gibberish


6 including supplements and no, that’s adulterated gibberish but with dose control.
The NeRF link is only 50% trivial to find tho, so try (via Wayne Radinsky.) I’m also shocked to find there is no obvious art on the web for Dark Craig? ComiCon2021 maybe.

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Pretty sure you’re talking to a bot. A fairly advanced bot mind you.


Laptop stickers. Note EFF sticker. SUPPORT THE EFF!

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I don’t want a fucking webcam I don’t need a fucking webcam and I use Linux for a reason.

Are you not working remotely these days? Do you not have any meetings? I always thought webcams were a bit silly, but these days they are a requirement.

People don’t need to see my face to hear what I have to say about the Widget Q test schedule or whatever.


I carry a document in the car from work with authorization from the govenor and homeland security to allow me on the roads for work, saying I’m employed as a critical employee in a life sustaining business as an aerospace machinist.

I know that sounds ponce as hell but it’s true.

The work I do is not something you can do from home remotely over a webcam. No insult intended to anyone who can though.

There are uses I have for webcams, just extremely rare ones. For that, I can switch mine physically back on. Thought about doing ESL remotely in Japan again before all this hit, since my 4 year degree is in Japanese language.

It’s funny because back in 2008 when the recession hit that was the start of me diversifying my skill-set, when I came back from Japan, teaching job market wiped out, and my life was hell for a long time, nearly a decade. I worked my way through all the bullshit to add a skill that I felt would always be needed if I was at the top of the game at it- high skill machining. I did watchmaking for a couple years in Oklahoma too.

Plenty of other good normal machinists are out of work now, but fortunately, not myself- my whole plant was laid off last friday, but rehired next day with a government waiver.

This crisis has actually proved me right. I should still be able to teach and now I can do that remotely if I need to.

As much as possible as much as you can try to diversify your skill sets in completely different areas. The 2008 recession taught me that nothing is foolproof and that may even include this.

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This makes sense. I was starting to think there was some Linux fanboy living at the edge of his couch in his mom’s basement using buzzwords at me I didn’t know

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