2D animation suggestions?

I know somebody here has got to be able to help me with this.

I need to find a software program that will run on Mac or Linux, which will let me create simple 2D animations. This is for including some titles and illustrative examples in a video series I’m doing, so basically, this kind of thing:

Flash would probably be ideal, but fuck Flash with a pointy stick. I’d prefer something freeware, but would be wiling to spend maybe up to $50 to get something that works.

I really need something simple. I’ve got enough on my plate as it is, and I really don’t have time to master something with a steep learning curve.

Any suggestions?


I’ve tried a lot of different software trying to find something in this category (though I haven’t spent any money on it). The one I’ve found that works and doesn’t have an excessively steep learning curve is Tupi.

I made this in about ten minutes (not counting the time I needed to remember how to tell GIMP to turn the pile of files into a GIF) even though I didn’t get very far into learning Tupi at all.


Yeah, I was looking at that one. My main concern was the time it takes to work individual frames to get the animation smooth enough. (I mean, I could probably do that kind of thing in Inkscape)

I seem to remember that Flash had a way to automate some stuff- Where you could say draw a path and specify a timeframe, and it would move your object from point A to point B at that pace.

Or is this pretty much the best I’m going to be able to do for freeware?

You can tween and do other advanced stuff with Tupi, I’m just horrible at it and worse at describing how to use it. :sweat:

In terms of “free with low learning curve” and “definitely works on Linux and Mac,” it may be as good as it gets.

With a way steeper learning curve, OpenToonz is definitely better.


You might look at Synfig Studio. I don’t have anything to say for it either way, but I played with it for a few minutes once upon a time.

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