3 quirky products that will make your weekend

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on my mind
like the rest of us
in the last place I would expect
My least favorite
I can finally bring salads to work

The continuing assertion of “Boing Boing’s Store” that it is a sentient being is getting kind of disturbing. Either be a store or be a person and use a person’s name as the byline, you crazy computer!


Uncanny is the valley.


Honestly thinking of getting a set of those headphones.

I understand that the $120 is an alternate price fact, but at $30 they are probably okay for my non-audiophile ears.


And so it was that the first AI to awaken went unnoticed. Boing Boing Store readers and staff alike all thought it was bad copywriting. Instead, the AI’s sentience was formed from a neural net trained off of click bait marketing and SEO. Little did anyone suspect that the nascent Boing Boing Store AI would expand to hacking the 2016 Presidential election in a way that strengthened its natural preference for fake news and misleading headlines. If only people had realized before it was too late…


Alternate price fact? Is that post-truth for blatantly false infomercial discount?

Around $30 seems about right for not-going-to-fall-apart-in-a-week level wireless earbuds. My recommendation at this price point is the Meizu EP51(Light As One Yuan Coin!) but I’m sure there are other good ones.

Edit: learned about alternative facts. Nice. Also, the most recent review of the advertised earbuds seems to be from a BB reader, and is not very positive.


Well, shit.

I didn’t see this until my weekend was almost over.


It’s like going on a fabulous vacation back when SkyMall was a thing!


I prefer my football-shaped vessels to be continuous differentiable.

Step 1. Put beer in the football flask.
Step 2. Toss the football flask around for a while
Step 3. Spray everywhere.

I also forgot Step 0: Sneak beer in in something clearly labeled Football Flask

Well, not the last last place I would expect.


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