3 racks perfect for transporting bikes, skis, & more on the road

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I never understood the whole “take the wheel off for travel” thing — you’ve still got a massive bike sticking up from your car.

Why not pedals and handlebar come off, and the bike can lay flat on the roof?

No thanks - I use the iRack. Some say it’s unstable, but I believe in it.


Because the front hub is a quick release that you can lock to the carrier.

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These are just held on by suction cups?

The third pic shows a classic Miyata (I have a 210) or perhaps

… 1981 Tour de France.[20] Each custom-ordered frame was to be hand-built and made with Miyata’s traditional chromoly steel process, featuring Campagnolo components, at its Chigasaki factory.[21]

Yeah, yeah, I get that. I’m just saying that it would be really cool if there were quick-release pedals and handlebars instead. Lower profile, less risk of something hitting your bike.

Sure. I’ve never seen a quick release design for pedals or handlebars, though. It seems like it would be hard to make those secure.


Apparently the Japanese have figured this all out and then some:

But yeah, who knows how securely it comes together.


Very cool. I guess the only downside would be that you can run a cable lock through your quick release wheel, but you’d better take those handlebars and pedals with you.

I have lost two yakima roof racks full of bicycles on the highway as the clips disengaged under the wind load. I no longer use any rack that isn’t bolted on. Which is why I got a hitch mount on my hatchback. Aerodynamics and noise are better too because it is behind the car.


shame this never got off the ground. actually got to test a prototype a long while back


If you have bikes you care about, you should take a look at the 1up USA racks.

Suction cups only work until they don’t, and then you demolish your bikes.

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