300 fireworks rockets going off all at once

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I’ll take your 300 rockets and raise you two firework factory explosions.

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Ahem: 300 fireworks almost/nearly/kinda/not-really going off all at once.

That, and “I wonder how much air pollution that generated”.

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Did I see what looked like an aerial drone shot in that montage? Won’t somebody please think of the safety ramifications of using an aerial drone during a fireworks demonstration?

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The launch part could look better if shot by a high-speed camera.
And even better if shot by a high-speed thermal camera, to see through the smoke; the particles are too small for long-wave IR. Maybe even mid-wave IR.

…What are the current limits of frame rate on thermal cams? And why the hell cannot I just buy a higher-than-puny-8fps one? If the idiots who came up with the ITAR crap were shot and then loaded into a burning fireworks truck, I’d open a bottle of something good to celebrate; I want cheap high-speed thermal imagery for everything from fireworks to machining and I want it now and I want it worldwide.

…we need opensource kits for vacuum thin layer deposition and etching and patterning, and automated wire bonding (the latter is the easy part), to make the sensors and thin-film filters and microchannel amplifiers ourselves, without the cost and paperwork penalty of military tech…

That’s insane and irresponsible, and a total waste. You’re supposed to turn the thing on it’s side and have people stand in front of the barrage.

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