Drone footage of fireworks


That I liked. I really like to see the inevitable HD high-speed version some day.

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I would think it would be a tiny drop in NBC’s budget to add a couple of drones with full-HD high speed cameras to their NYC July 4th coverage. And it’s such a novel perspective.


That’s true enough, but FAA seems to be conflicted on how they want to handle commercial usage.

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I was hoping the drone would fire back.


Oh man this would look amazing in 3d

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I like the soundtrack. Any idea who’s playing?

I celebrated Chinese new year in Shanghai a few years ago. We were in our hotel room on the 20th floor when they set off fireworks at the entrance, so we had about 10 minutes of fireworks exploding about 3m from our window and sparks bouncing off the glass. The best thing was looking down and watching the rockets shooting up like anti-aircraft fire before exploding at our level.

I came to ask just that. Great tune. i listened for an audible sentence and punched that into Google prefaced by the word ‘lyrics’.
Arcade Fire: Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)

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