Patriotic AF Fourth of July drone show scores world record

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The article says Texas, but I don’t see anywhere in the article or the links that is says where it took place. The company is in DFW, but this region had MANY big 4th shows, and the only crowd shots in the video showed a few dozen people in lawn chairs. Kaboom Town, in Addison, TX, usually draws about half a million to the city, who watch the show from rooftops all over town.

I know several shows in the area leaned on drones this year in a “green” effort to minimize smoke and flaming debris (according to the press releases), but I never heard abut a world record attempt. Where was this?


any chance the jets could perform a flyover instead of just sit there?

North Richland Hills, just around the corner from the Sky Elements HQ: A North Texas drone company broke a world record this Fourth of July weekend


Previously, in NRH:

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If this was in TX, “patriotic” there means shooting these gubment spy devices out da sky!

Yeah, my first thought was that they missed an opportunity to have the jets “fly” or even “shoot” a missile.

Not sure how 1002 drones is a record when the Tokyo olympics used 1,824 a few years ago.
Must be a Guinness thing.

The record is for “for the largest aerial sentence formed by multirotor/drones.”

That’s really neat, but you guys get how faschy that whole “giant eagle over a flag” thing is, right? shudder

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Maybe, but there are more than a few national flags and other symbols that incorporate imagery with large birds… some examples…

But yeah, I have a bit of that kneejerk reaction, too…

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