300 Million Children Breathe Highly Toxic Air, reports UNICEF

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It’s not like air pollution is a picnic with unicorns and puppies for adults either. Especially those with compromised immune systems or damaged lungs.

But the sociopaths in charge (the rich and their pet politicians) have demonstrated over and over again that they don’t give a fuck about the vulnerable and sick over whom they rule. If it’s going to shave one tenth of a penny off the profits of the manufacturers and power producers who are filling the air with their poisons, then they’re not going to do anything to stop it because profits are sacred and human beings are expendable.

So the health experts are reduced to pleading with them to “please remember the children.” Which will probably work just as well as begging them to think about the sick and old, because, hey, they’re sociopaths.

I think I’ll go read about the American election now to cheer myself up.


Ta! Good read and hate this crap too, maybe they’ll be forced to have a report button to make easy complaints in the future.


Quite topical as The Air Quality Expert Group have been testing the air quality again over the UK for the past few weeks and their updated figures show, 132 low, 5 moderate and 1 high. That’ll be London then!

I wonder how many vehicle manufacturers in developing countries filter and clean the pollutants from diesel engine break in?

I know for a fact that in the nineties this equipment shipped alongside the manufacturing machinery was scrapped, they didn’t want it and considering a diesel engine may be run for several hours to break it in we are talking about a large amount of Nitrogen Oxides released in areas of high population.

No companies or countries mentioned on purpose and the last post of mine was terrible, the kettle boiled and I needed a coffee more than a polished post.

The Great Smog of 1952 purportedly claimed the lives of at least 4000 people and was directly linked to pollution from fossil fuels.

Again not mentioning any particular country but applying pressure to the companies operating in certain countries is impossible and if it’s expensive for them to implement systems to reduce the pollution they are causing they just won’t do it.

It took the waste recycling industry until relatively recently to stop burning rubbish at low temperatures because of the formation of complex Dioxins at these low temperatures.

So we have air pollution but it’s not always seen, the same can be said of the huge amount of waste tipped directly into the sea and plastics especially and worst of all radiation, 300 tons of radioactive sea water a day from the Fukushima reactor.

So this pollution we can’t always see is now coming back to bite us in the ass I guess, it’s bad enough when a natural disaster occurs like the amount of ash etc that’s sent up during an eruption and that gets lots of media attention cos it is very visible.

I think you’re right on this one for sure if your new workforce is ready before the old one dies off a win win!


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