32GB flash drive also has a micro USB connector

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I’ve had nothing but headaches getting writing to these drives working from my Nexus 5. Reads, easy. Writing, no go. A power issue, perhaps?

Sometimes a permission thing, sometimes a format thing… Some phones disable write permission to external media; some phones might have a read-only driver for certain formats.
Since the first thing that I do with a phone is root it and install a custom kernel, I haven’t had any problems accessing OTG drives.


Granted, I’m trying to access NTFS, but even with software that’s supposed to work, no root required, I’m not making any headway. I’d like to avoid root and have this working on stock if possible.

Ya, that looks like it should work… Perhaps just some odd setting in Total Commander? (I seem to recall that it isn’t the friendliest app)

Has NTFS been fully reverse-engineered by now? Or has Microsoft opened up the definition? I looked into open-source NTFS stuff (gulp, that was fully a decade ago) and got the distinct feeling it was working for many things, but there places where the docs intimated they weren’t quite certain what might happen. Kind of a “here be dragons” for the 21st century.

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I have something like this (a Memorex), and while it worked excellent in getting files off of my old Samsung Galaxy, my LG3 won’t let me transfer files off. I think it’s a verizon thing since the phone also won’t talk to my computer either.

Figuring out how to root a phone can be a total bitch, but I always persist until it happens because actually owning the phone is totally worth it.


I’m sick of microUSB connections. Supposedly they were designed to be more reliable than mini. I’ve experienced the opposite. Mine fail to make reliable connections about a quarter of the time when new, and they get less reliable with use. I’ve never had a miniUSB fail to hold connection. I’d be happy to live with the extra millimeter or two required thickness to have a plug that works. Cripes!

In my experience they tend to be fairly reliable. But then I tend to rather pamper the connectors, and plug them sensitively instead of just blindly jamming them in.

I’d say I don’t care if it is mini or micro, as long as all are the same. The fewer standards, the better. Alas, we’re stuck with the micro ones on cellphones so micro it is in the rest of my equipment…

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