33,636 Gun Deaths Visualized

Australia doesn’t disagree too much.

Australia: 1.03 gun deaths per 100,000 people, .18 homicides.
United States: 10.64 gun deaths per 100,000 people, 3.55 homicides.

Only an entire order of magnitude, that’s all. :unamused: And I’ll note that the other part of the point was that Australia responded to a real issue with a real solution.

Do you check your sources?


Shush, a church organ could hear you.

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Hmm - and yet you’re telling only part of the story. Homicides, while down (as they are in the US, haven’t taken a nose dive. 30 less people a year is what we are talking about? That is like a month in Chicago.

Homicides in the Australia:

Source below.

Note too that BEFORE their new laws, their homicide rate and the homicide rate by guns was already much, much lower in than in the US. So yeah. It wasn’t much of an issue to begin with. More people died this year in CHICAGO alone than all of Australia.




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