360-degree kitten-cam


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2016/09/08/360-degree-kitten-cam.html


Now my heart’s all warm and I’m filled with shining light. Some dumb jerk commented positively on my smile.

Thanks a lot, Boingboing. Way to ruin my reputation!




##Cuteness overload!


Oh may…


Be sure to let the googles translate the page for you. You wouldn’t want to miss gems like this:

"Newborn kitten-chan, to fill the screen! A state in which the 4 kittens are playing innocently, was taken by the 360 ​​° compact camera.

In camera unfamiliar, fledgling approach kitten at full speed wondering what toys. Or try to morose a camera, and take a look from the eyes of … camera or try to Nokka’ above, it was full of cuteness to lesbian couples."


I believe this is less than 180 degrees. Also, my kitten is cuter so there.


Well, where’s your kitten cam? Selfish! :wink:


Strapped to her head. I’m signing her up for extreme sports next month.


Degrees? This is threespace, so… a bit less than 2π steradians, wouldn’t you say? (-:


Quite possibly the best … possible use for Google Cardboard ever.


FSM bless Google Translate. Almost as entertaining as turning on closed captioning for a Bad Lip Reading video.


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